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My son has been working with Jeffrey Michael Test Prep for the past few years and has experienced significant growth. Jeff differentiates learning in order to address our child’s specific needs and has helped him access material that he found challenging in the traditional classroom setting. Most importantly, Jeff has instilled a sense of confidence in my son when confronting any standardized or high stakes tests. I’ve recommended his program to several parents and to my own students who have shared that they have also had similar successes.


Dear Parents and Students, Due to the current state of the Corona virus, lessons and classes will be conducted via Zoom using a whiteboard utility. This will ensure everyone’s safety until we receive more clarity and assurance that in-person lessons are safe. I’ve been happily surprised to find this change has been easy to integrate for both students and myself, and works much the same as an in-home session. I wish you and your families good health as we navigate this situation together. I look forward to the time when we can once again meet face to face! In the meantime, I am enjoying teaching everyone online and watching my students continue to grow academically! Sincerely,